Who We Are

  • As owners of The Tutor Shop, we’re not only dedicated, degreed teachers and administrators with years of experience, we also are parents. We get it! We understand what it means to want your children to be the very best they can be and we will do everything possible to make sure they succeed.
  • That’s why we created our unique Tutor Shop After School Program, to focus on working with your children to get their homework and projects completed before you pick them up from school each day. Our goal is to get you away from homework table and back to the dinner table!

Why We Are Different

  • When developing our Tutor Shop After School Program, we decided to employ the finest, degreed teachers who specialize in Math, Science, Social Studies, Language Arts, and Technology to assist your children in achieving their goals.
  • We believe that all children are capable of success when taught to their learning styles in a comfortable environment by teachers who take the time to get know them and their needs. We do this by maintaining a low teacher to student ratio. Our goal is to take what your children are learning in their classrooms and enhance that knowledge in a fun environment that helps them excel even further by becoming confident self-sufficient learners.

What We Offer

  • We are all about learning, while having fun too. We will work with your children to get their homework and projects completed, and help them prepare for upcoming tests. We will support their academics through remediation and enrichment activities.
  • We will share your children’s progress with you on a daily basis, so that you can celebrate their successes and know their goals for the upcoming week. Snacks and daily physical activity are included each day as well. We’ll also offer additional components such as art, technology, study skills/leadership, and more! The Tutor Shop After School Program will provide a fun environment in your school, five days a week, that your children will love. You will, too. Now let’s get started!

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