The Tutor Shop was created by Terri and Hal Eisenberg back in 2011. Terri, a graduate of the University of Georgia, and a 28 year veteran teacher, tutor, and mom, has taught every grade level in virtually every subject. She and her husband, Hal, an advertising executive for over 30 years, created The Tutor Shop, after dropping off their oldest son at college in Nashville. The thought occurred to Terri that all those agonizing times laboring over homework and study issues through the years could have been spent as valuable family time. As a teacher, Terri knew that there were always some children at the end of each school day who needed additional help. It was at that moment that an idea was formed to create an academic, after school program, with degreed teachers, that could help children complete their homework each day in their school, allowing families to be families again when they got home! 

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