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I know, I know. Believe me. You are trying to do your own jobs from home, and now your child is also at home trying to complete his or her online assignments. You want to stay out of the way, but you keep hearing “Mom, can you help?” “Mom, it isn’t working!”  “Oh, that was due yesterday??” or finally, “Dad, can you email the teacher and tell her I forgot to submit my assignment?” You know that you cannot sustain this wonderful family togetherness for another week, much less a semester. So, what do you do? You honestly just want to be the mom or dad again, and you are absolutely exhausted with trying to be the online learning monitor while holding on to your current job. Since this is not what you signed up for, you have to empower your child with tools early in the game… those tools not being Mom or Dad. If you can make a habit of teaching your child to use strategies, you can set him up for a lifetime of organization and success. After teaching K-12 for 28 years, conferencing with thousands of parents, tutoring for 15 years, and raising two sons, allow me to share a few thoughts that just might prevent your household from yet another meltdown. At least for a day or two. So here goes…