Matthew Bromell
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{ADHD / ASPBERGERS / ANXIETY / CHILDHOOD-DEPRESSION Trained} Putting aside classroom time, I've undergone specialized tutor training on myriad topics, ranging from elementary level reading comprehension to preparation for college level writing, at Yale University in New Haven CT. During this period, I worked mostly with high school students in the Greater New Haven area preparing them for the college process and providing on-call tutoring & college preparation services to more than 400 students. A few Factors you may find compatible with your Child: - A love for learning and a commitment to showing children that it's COOL to be INTELLIGENT! - Changing the Conception of Work & Learning: from Future Burden to Future Building - Teaching Them How to Acquire the right Information to help answer their own questions - and the patience and understanding to take their time. My favorite army quote comes to mind, "Smooth IS fast." - Concept based subject interconnecting and positive reinforcement of work ethic and character will underpin all interactions ~ I shall always strive to be the best influence and role model for these intelligent young minds! - It's been a trying and confusing time for us all, I will always strive to create a peaceable and relaxing environment ripe for productivity and puns, alike! I've been thankful for opportunities to help out in in the special needs classrooms. Years ago, in my time teaching at Harriet Beecher Stowe elementary school in Brunswick, Maine. I found myself tutoring special needs children grades 1-6, with behavioral issues, anxiety disorders, ADHD, Asperger's, and more. My little brother has severe asperger's so I have always had a knack for ‘code switching’ my language and cues to best communicate and positively reinforce, but in this classroom I found myself building a well-rounded tutoring temperament that emphasizes patience, perspective, and progress. That process of understanding the beauty and value within each and every mind we have, sparked a life-long journey to engage minds to the wonders of this world, the power of knowledge, the value of wisdom, and peace via planning!


BOWDOIN COLLEGE Consistently ranked top 10 private college in the US ~ My greatest assets are depth of knowledge and passion, learning can actually be fun, not just something we say! . . . . . . . . . . Aside from classroom & homework help I currently tutor SAT writing, SAT reading, SAT english, and all of the humanities academic disciplines. This has been a great learning experience in many ways, from the nuances of having full control over creating the best lesson to fit the individual student, to refining my communication skills and lessons to impart confidence alongside the knowledge.

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