Matthew Skinner
Autrey Mill Middle School
Group/Learning Pods


I have worked as a teacher with the Tutorshop homework club since the 2017-2018 school year. Before that I performed my Georgia State University student teaching at Lindley 6th grade academy performing as a language arts teacher. In addition to being the On Track Club director for Autrey Mill Middle School, I am also a Fulton County Schools substitute teacher. I believe that all students want to learn. Humans naturally want to absorb more knowledge, as we are all students of our own lives. When teaching students we must consider not only what we want from them, but also what they want from themselves. If ones practices and expectations are not aligned with the goals of ones students, then the lessons will be rife with behavior problems and despondent students. However, if students are able to recognize your desire to help them achieve their goals, they will see you as an asset towards success rather than an obstacle impeding the progress of becoming a better student of their lives. Once you have that connection in bettering student’s lives and opportunities they will want to be in your classroom and will respect what you are teaching. Differentiated instruction is key to student success in my class. Giving students the individualized attention they need will often times help more than just the targeted student. The use of student-designed anchor charts and display of good work function both as assistance in the subject area, and as a reward and recognition of good work for all students. I have also learned, through both the educational program at Georgia State and my experience with mentor teachers and peers, the importance of having a teacher community to bounce difficult ideas around with. They are there to challenge my way of thinking and expand one's craft. Using these teachers as a resource enables me to use the knowledge and experience of others in to better my work. All of this collusion with students and teachers are to identify where students are in their learning and help them to scaffold new information into their already existing understanding. Some of the strategies I employ in my classroom are group collaboration, learning centers, and emphasis on student choice in instruction or expression.


Graduate of Georgia State University Atlanta, GA Bachelor of Science in Education 2016, Major: Middle Level Education Georgia Highlands College Marietta, GA Associate of General Studies Link to Educational Portfolio:

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