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The Tutor Shop Homework Club is an afterschool academic based program located in your school and was created by a 30 year local veteran teacher to support teachers, students and families. We recognize that parents want the homework done and concepts understood before their children get home each day, and that most teachers wish they just had a few extra minutes each day to help struggling students succeed. After asking parents, teachers and administrators what they wanted most from an afterschool program, The Tutor Shop was created in 2011 to help “turn homework tables back into dinner tables.”We provide that extra academic boost and confidence for children by making sure they are prepared for the following school day. We are here to support your school’s curriculum, your students, your teachers, and your families through three simple, yet significant goals.


Academics. Relationships. Service.


Academics.We help our students achieve their academic goals by hiring experienced, degreed teachers and by keeping our student to teacher ratio very low. Unlike other programs who promote their own curriculum, we utilize and support your school’s curriculum.We help children complete homework, prepare for tests, and complete class projects and website assignments. We are happy to collaborate with classroom teachers to help your child achieve academic success. We also offer Milestones support, study skills, organizational strategies, and more. We realize that all children are unique in how they learn, so our teachers work with the students to help them determine their individual learning styles. Of course, physical activity and snacks are included, and once homework is completed, our teachers have other components at their disposal, such as art projects, to promote creativity. Technology, games, books, and supplemental language arts and math materials are also provided for further academic support and enrichment. 


Relationships. We encourage our students to connect with others, and we teach them collaboration and communication through group projects and peer teaching. And while we adhere to a strong code of conduct and hold them accountable for their work, we also encourage them to grow and celebrate their successes as a team. Some parents have asked, “Why does The Tutor Shop operate every day, Monday through Friday?” We believe that for children to grow both academically and socially, our teachers must make long lasting connections with them. The best way to do that is to work with them each day, so that they get to know each child as an individual. This is why we do not offer drop in services. We celebrate our students in The Tutor Shop in several ways. We award “Student of the Week” certificates to acknowledge progress and have weekly meetings with our students to discuss goals and successes, as well as the highs and lows of their day. We celebrate birthdays and have Fun Fridays, where the students and teachers just enjoy being together. Because of the relationships formed over the years, many of our 5thgraders, who have been with us since kindergarten, truly hate to leave their Tutor Shop teachers at the year’s end. In fact, due to so many parent requests, we’ve created, The OnTrack Club, an academic based middle school program for 6ththru 8thgrade students like the one currently operating in Autrey Mill Middle School. We know that relationships are critical to students’ well-being, and we are proud that we form such strong connections in our program each day. 


Service. At The Tutor Shop, we encourage our students to get involved in their community, to give back, and to be a part of something bigger than themselves through service projects. Whether it’s helping another student, helping a teacher at school, adopting a school in need, collecting shoes, writing thank-you letters to custodians, or donating books to children less fortunate, we want our students to be the best they can be, and to contribute to the world around them. 

School Administrators

Thank you for your interest in having The Tutor Shop in your school or district! We have an excellent track record of helping students achieve or exceed expectations and can help your students as well!


The Tutor Shop is also a contracted, approved academic enrichment program with Fulton County Schools and can design a program including High Dosage Small Group Sustained Tutoring in a 4 to 1 up to an 8 to 1 group during the school day utilizing our degreed teachers. We can also incorporate a push-in or pull-out model to support ELA and math instruction, plus this model can also be incorporated into an after school program, and all within your CARES budget! So contact us today for more information!

What Separates The Tutor Shop from all other after school programs? Watch this short video!

For more information, contact Hal Eisenberg at: 404-610-1531 or email: hal@tutorshops.com and let’s get this learning started!

And here’s what other administrators are saying about us!

“The Tutor Shop has been a long standing after school program and business partner at Alpharetta Elementary School. They have provided many families with a quality and enriching after school experience that assures all their student’s needs are met. We are fortunate that they are part of our community.”

Cathy Crawford
Alpharetta Elementary

“I have had the pleasure of working with The Tutor Shop as an onsite provider for our students and families after school for the past three years. After our initial meeting, the owners researched my school and community needs and established an engaging and academic focused option which we had not had before. My time working with The Tutor Shop was truly exceptional. The owners were problem solvers in collaboration with the principal and staff. The pivoted as fast as we did and remained flexible to all stakeholder needs. The Tutor Shop’s academic focus coupled with the understanding of their communities, makes them an incredible option for all schools.”

Kathleen Stamper
Principal / Liberty Point Elementary

“Sweet Apple appreciated the safe and comfortable learning environment that The Tutor Shop created. Many families struggle with helping their children complete their homework, and this is a great option. The teachers are knowledgeable and really care about the kids they serve. The Tutor Shop is always game to do anything to help our community!”

Karin Alhadeff
Assistant Principal / Sweet Apple Elementary

“I have worked closely with The Tutor Shop program going on six years now. While at Shakerag, they have provided a quality after school program and have always been open and willing to support the needs of our school and our students. I would highly recommend their program and partnership.”

Christine Lemerond
Principal / Shakerag Elementary

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