Due to our Low Student to Teacher Ratio, Enrollment is Limited - Don’t Miss Your Spot -. CLICK HERE


In order for to maintain our 10 students to every 1 degreed teacher ratio, we keep our enrollment low. So don’t wait, enroll your child now! Have more than one child? Automatically receive a 5% discount per sibling when purchasing more than one package!


Our package costs are based on the total number of school days in the year so you only pay for days in which school is in session, never for holidays or workdays. MONTHLY & DAILY PACKAGES are divided into 10 equal monthly payments and automatically drafted each month on the same date your child started with us.


The Tutor Shop is open Monday through Friday, from 2:30p up until as late as 6:30p each day, and you can pick your child up at any time during these hours.

Select The Day You Want Your Child/Children To Start
Please select the days of the week you would like your children to be in our program. It must be the same 2-3 days per week. For example, every Tuesday and Thursday. Min 2, max 3 days a week.