I know, I know. Believe me. You are trying to do your own jobs from home, and now your child is also at home trying to complete his or her online assignments. You want to stay out of the way, but you keep hearing “Mom, can you help?” “Mom, it isn’t working!”  “Oh, that was due yesterday??” or finally, “Dad, can you email the teacher and tell her I forgot to submit my assignment?” You know that you cannot sustain this wonderful family togetherness for another week, much less a semester. So, what do you do? You honestly just want to be the mom or dad again, and you are absolutely exhausted with trying to be the online learning monitor while holding on to your current job. Since this is not what you signed up for, you have to empower your child with tools early in the game… those tools not being Mom or Dad. If you can make a habit of teaching your child to use strategies, you can set him up for a lifetime of organization and success. After teaching K-12 for 28 years, conferencing with thousands of parents, tutoring for 15 years, and raising two sons, allow me to share a few thoughts that just might prevent your household from yet another meltdown. At least for a day or two. So here goes…

  • Do not ever allow yourself to be more concerned with your child’s work than he or she is. That is a significant problem. When you are willing to work harder to get your child’s work completed than your child is willing to work, then the work has officially become your responsibility. You know it and so does your child. This sends a message to your child that he or she is incapable of doing the work, and that you believe you can do it better. Therefore, they get a hall pass and get to check out of all responsibility.
  • All of us who work need a system of rewards and consequences. Usually our rewards come in the form of a paycheck, a sense of accomplishment, a promotion, or just knowing we gave the task all that we had in us to give. Why would we think that our children need anything differently? Don’t rob them of their sense of accomplishment at the end of the day. Figure out your child’s currency. What makes him or her happy? What rewards would he or she be willing to work toward? In that same vein, what would they hate to lose if the task isn’t completed? Our consequences are much more serious as adults if we don’t get the work done. We need to teach our children early in life that there is always a positive or negative payoff for the work, and that no one is going to rescue them later in life. Deadlines are deadlines, and not meeting deadlines often has consequences. Teach them this lesson early in life. They will thank you for it later. So will their bosses.
  • Don’t fall for the blame game. “But, my teacher didn’t tell me it was due!” “My teacher just doesn’t like me!” “She never taught us that!” Do you need to listen to your child when he or she complains once in a while? Absolutely, yes. Once in a while, it may just be the truth and children need to be heard. But when you begin to hear one excuse after another on a regular basis, and it is beginning to seem that no teacher ever communicates correctly with your child………then you have to begin to wonder, ”Hmm..what is the one common factor in the same scenario repeating itself over and over, teacher after teacher, year after year?” Could it be your child? Just a thought. Look for patterns. Teach children to adjust and adapt when necessary. That in itself is a powerful tool to have in life, learning to adjust to different personalities and different situations. They are not going to like every teacher that they have, nor will they like every boss that they have later in life. But they have to learn to adjust. Blaming others totally takes away the power that you have as an individual, and creates a victim mentality. No one wants that for their children.
  • Are you exhausted with your children’s lack of organization? Have they actually ever been taught how to organize? You know, the frontal lobe of our brains doesn’t fully develop until our mid-twenties. So, why in the world would you expect your children to just naturally be organized with their studies? Organizational strategies must be taught early. Some of the most brilliant students I ever had the privilege of teaching did poorly at school, not because they didn’t understand the concepts and weren’t capable of learning, but because they weren’t organized enough to follow through with assignments. It was so frustrating and heartbreaking to watch. And on that same note, some students who had average abilities excelled in class, simply because they were organized and well prepared. They knew how to cross the finish line. These organizational strategies must be taught! Think about it……could you function in your daily life without a calendar, alerts, reminders, texts, etc.? I certainly couldn’t! So why do we expect our children to? Here are some strategies that have been tried and absolutely work: (a) Have your child print the schedule, assignments due, etc. and post in his or her study area. (b) Transfer these assignments and due dates to an agenda (you remember those dinosaurs, right?) Planners? Yes, they still work. When students write assignments down, they tend to remember them better. (c) Highlight assignments using color coding, i.e. yellow for pay attention to, red for due, and green for completed or submitted. (d) If your child is old enough to have a device, use the calendar! Show them how to set up due dates and reminders for upcoming assignments or deadlines. Have alerts set up! They are using their technology on a daily basis, so teach them to use it for their benefit! (e) Set up a learning area in your home, somewhere you can monitor as needed, but not hover. Remember, this is your child’s work, not yours. It is fine to supervise the first couple of weeks until they get the routine and expectations down, and to check in on a regular basis. Remember, these are new strategies and have to be reinforced for a couple of weeks or so……. not an entire year. Land the helicopter now. (f) Have your child set the time each day for working. We all want to have some control over our schedules and children are the same way. They know what times work for them! (g) Make sure your child has all that he or she needs in the study area beforehand. Many children enjoy going shopping to set up their areas. It helps create a sense of ownership. (h) Remember to be consistent with rewards and consequences. Many wonderful well-meaning systems have fallen by the wayside because the child knew it had been forgotten, and so was no longer important. 
  • Lastly, remember that you are their moms and dads. You are not the schoolwork monitors. The years you are given as parents fly by so quickly, and one day, when you drop them off at college (yes, you really, really will…), you will wish you had these precious years back and had just been their parents and enjoyed time together. So, my advice to you, from someone who has been there, is to start now. Empower your children to take charge of their learning. They are so capable. They really are. One day, they might just thank you for it.

The Tutor Shop Family Handbook

 You can download the PDF version of the handbook HERE.

The Tutor Shop Family Handbook

Our Goals: The Tutor Shop seeks to provide after school academic support and enrichment for students in approved schools. The Tutor Shop will do this by providing homework, project, and test support with degreed teachers on site.These teachers will work closely (with prior parent permission), with administrators and parents to further provide academic enrichment. Materials needed include the student’s agenda, books and supplies. Our goal is to create an atmosphere for children where they will get the support needed to be successful in school each day. Because our students will be with the same teachers daily, the teacher will get to know and form a relationship with them to further understand their needs, and help them be prepared for the following school day.

The elementary and middle school years represent a crucial time for students’ academic development. The Tutor Shop provides students with the extra assistance needed to be successful. We understand that every student is unique and learns at a different pace; therefore, we will do our best to help strengthen the student’s knowledge and foundation to help create a system of strong academic support.

Our academic support covers a broad range of needs, and may include remediation, organizational and time management skills, test taking strategies, as well as the development of the personal resources needed to help create a positive learning environment.

The Tutor Shop After School Leadership

Terri Eisenberg (Owner) – Mrs. Eisenberg oversees the curriculum, day to day operations of the program, the hiring and supervision of all teachers. In addition, she conducts parent-student consultations on an as needed basis.

Hal Eisenberg (Owner) – Mr. Eisenberg creates and manages the planning and execution of all marketing campaigns, school promotions, media, as well as admission enquiries, and day-to-day business operations.

Fred Wilks (Regional Director) – Mr. Wilks is involved in the hiring of teachers, oversees certain programs, trains staff, and works directly with families and students. 

Enrollment and admission policies: All enrollment and admissions will take place on The Tutor Shop's website, www.tutorshops.com, via the online registration form. Parents will apply for a spot in the program and students will be accepted based on individual needs and current enrollment numbers.

NOTICE: All forms must be filled out online and a package must be purchased before your child can officially be enrolled.

 IMPORTANT: The policies below must be read and adhered to. When you sign this handbook, you are agreeing to all the below polices, so please read carefully. 

REFUND POLICY: The Tutor Shop (and OnTrack Club) HAS A NO REFUND POLICY. This includes the reimbursement for any funds, regardless of the situation, including, but not limited to inclement weather, Covid-19, or when the school system closes the schools for any reason that prevents The Tutor Shop from operating during normal hours. By the signing this handbook, you are agreeing to this policy.

CANCELLATION POLICY: The Tutor Shop requires a two week advance written notice from the date parents wish to cancel if parents intend to withdraw your child. This notice must be emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and until such notice is received, parents are responsible for all fees. In addition, registration fees and late fees are not reimbursable. Any prepaid fees that extend beyond the required two week notification period will be reimbursed, minus any unpaid fees.

WARNING – Under Georgia Law, there is no liability for an injury or death of an individual in our program if such injury or death results from the inherent risks of contracting COVID-19. You are assuming this risk by being in our program.

VIRTUAL TUTOR SHOP FOR ENROLLED STUDENTSIf your child is enrolled in The Tutor Shop and the school is forced to close for more than one day or more, our teachers will provide optional online instruction for your child for a maximum of 20 MINUTES PER DAY. The parent must work this schedule out with their child’s teacher if they want these services. If the parent would like more than 20 minutes, our VTS is available for purchase by the hour online with our teachers.

Hours of operation for on-site program: The Tutor Shop begins as soon as the participating children enter our program/class (at the end of the regular school day) and continues up until as late as 6:30 p.m. We operate on-site at approved schools each day that the school is in session, weather permitting.

Attendance and illness policy: We ask parents/guardians to contact the child’s Tutor Shop teachers via email and text if their child will not be in attendance for any reason. This will help us ensure every child’s safety and wellbeing. Parents are responsible for all fees, during the time their child is enrolled in The Tutor Shop regardless of any absence. Our exception to this rule is when a student is absent from school three or more days in one week due to illness or family
emergency. The Tutor Shop may prorate fees when this occurs, however the parent must contact the owners for approval and provide a doctor’s excuse and/or appropriate documentation.

Health and emergency policy: The Tutor Shop staff is trained to recognize the common signs of communicable diseases or other illnesses. Any student with symptoms of a communicable disease will be isolated immediately. When a student indicates illness at home, but is able to go to school, please anticipate that the child
may not feel well by the end of the day and may need to be picked up early from our program, which will be at the discretion of the teacher. A slight cold is acceptable, however heavy coughing or runny nose, fever of 99 or higher, or worsening of symptoms during the day will result in the parent being contacted to pick up the child.

If the student becomes ill or injured at The Tutor Shop, the parent will be contacted immediately and arrangements must be made to pick up the child as soon as possible. The child will be isolated from other children, supervised, and made comfortable until a parent arrives. We will contact all emergency contact persons as listed on the registration form. In case of an emergency, the staff will provide first aid and call 911. This handbook serves as authorization between The Tutor Shop and the parents to acquire emergency medical treatment from the nearest hospital if the parents cannot be reached,
it is the parents’ responsibility to maintain primary insurance on their children and to notify us of such insurance information.

The program staff will administer only dated, labeled, prescribed medications or age-appropriate over-the-counter medication as indicated by the parent or physician in writing. Parents must sign an authorization form before any medication can be administered. Authorization to dispense medication will be limited to two weeks and returned to the parent, unless otherwise prescribed by a physician. Personnel will only dispense medications that are provided by the parent and meet the criteria listed on the medication form and all medications will be kept in a secured storage. The program will maintain a record of all medications dispensed to children by personnel. All medication must be in the original container with the child’s name, time to administer, and dosage.

In order to maintain a safe and healthy environment for all children, parents understand that children who are ill include, but not limited to, oral temperatures of 99 degrees or higher, any contagious
symptoms such as rashes, sore throat, congestion, vomiting, etc., and should not attend The Tutor Shop. If a child has been exposed to or contracted any serious communicable or infectious disease, he or she may not return until accompanied by a note from the physician. Immunizations: A current health department immunization record #3231 is required upon registration with The Tutor Shop. Failure to have a current immunization form on file with the school is grounds for dismissal from the program.

PICK UP/SIGN OUT POLICY: Our program closes promptly at 6:30 pm. If a parent arrives late, the parent will be required to pay an additional fee of $5.00 per minute per child, after the 6:30 p.m. sign out time. This payment will be billed to the individual account. Continual late pick-ups may result in the dismissal from the program. For any student left after 6:30pm, staff will attempt to contact parents first and then will proceed to the listed emergency contacts. The Tutor Shop is required by law to notify the local authorities if a student is not picked up one hour after site closing time, or if no approved contacts have been reached.

For the protection of the student, the parent or guardian must personally sign out every child each day and an ID is required. Students will not be allowed to leave the building unless an approved adult has signed them out. All students must be supervised and escorted 
from the building at time of pick-up and will only be released to those persons authorized on the registration form. Anyone unfamiliar to The Tutor Shop staff will be required to show a current ID and cross checked on the authorization pickup form. Authorized adults must be 18 years or older to pick up a student from The Tutor Shop. Once a student has been released to the person authorized for pick-up, The Tutor Shop is no longer responsible for the child.

Equipment and supplies used in the classroom and/or other areas in use: The only required supplies are the students’ regular school materials, homework assignments, agendas, upcoming test dates, study guides, and access to technology.

Technology Guidelines: While we allow students to bring in tablets or laptops, parents are responsible for installing security measures to prevent students from inappropriate use of the Internet. The Tutor Shop is not responsible for website blocking or monitoring personal devices. The Tutor Shop is also not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged personal devices. No cellphones may be used during program hours.

Per student price and any discounts: Rates are based on the choice of the payment package chosen. See our website at: www.tutorshops.com for fees, discounts, and payment options. Payment of fees is the responsibility of the parent/guardian. If paying monthly, automatic withdrawal or drafts will be made through our website via parent’s approved credit/debit card on file, regardless of receipt of invoice. In addition, a once-per-year $35 registration fee will be incurred for all initial purchases. Parents are responsible to keep accounts current at all times. Any declined credit or debit card must be replaced with a suitable replacement within 48 hours. Failure to provide a replacement credit/debit card may be cause for dismissal from The Tutor Shop. The Tutor Shop fee schedules take into account all approved school holidays, and families are not charged for these days in any of our online packages.

Sibling Discount: The Tutor Shop offers a 5% (five percent) sibling discount per child. When purchasing more than one package on our website, the 5% sibling discount will automatically be applied at the time of purchase on our website.

Monthly Package Information: If you choose to purchase the Monthly Package, your credit card will be charged by a recurring/monthly draft, which is automatically drafted based on when your account started with the Tutor Shop.

Policies on program cancellations: If for any reason The Tutor Shop must cancel an afternoon session on its own accord, independent of the school, we will contact the school and parents via email and/or text as soon as possible.

Closing Policy for inclement weather: will be the same as the school system in which it operates. When the school is closed, The Tutor Shop will be closed. If schools close early or cancel after school programs, The Tutor Shop will be closed. Parents should monitor
 the media and the school’s website for early school dismissal. Parents will need to make suitable pick-up arrangements for each child. The Tutor Shop will not endanger staff by sending them to our classes for early dismissal due to inclement weather.

Parent participant fees, collection procedures and policy for non-payment or late payment: The Tutor Shop Homework Club requests that all fees are paid by credit card via our website. We do not accept checks, however if parents do send a check, they will be notified if that check is returned and a penalty of $37.00 will be imposed and the child’s participation in the program may be at risk. All accounts more than thirty days past due may cause the cancellation of enrollment.

Policy for student supervision and discipline: The student to teacher ratio will be maintained at an acceptable rate, so as to preserve a consistent routine and expectations. Clear expectations will be set for behavior and parents will be notified if there is a problem. Students who misbehave may be sent to a supervised
 area to write an action plan explaining how they are going to improve their behavior. If the behavior continues to occur, the parents and teachers will conference. If after the conference the 
behavior continues, the student will be dismissed from the program, and all outstanding fees will be owed upon dismissal. 

Vendor and Parent Relations: The Tutor Shop will not be responsible or held liable for any communications or interactions between our vendors/teachers, students, and families before or after regular operating hours. Although parents have teacher's cellphone numbers, they are only to be used at pickup or in case of an emergency. Teachers are not to be contacted via their cellphone after hours. Parents are encouraged to speak to teachers at school during pickup, or through their provided Tutor Shop email addresses.

Policy and response time for emergency situations: The Tutor Shop will follow the school policies established for the severe weather, physical plant problems (such as power failure), that affect climate control or structural damage, fire drill, intruder drill, missing student, Code “99”, severe weather drill, building evacuation drill, first aid procedures, and Homeland Security Advisory System. Parents and/or emergency contacts will be notified by phone and/or email when such events occur. Parents are also responsible for contacting the school in the event of any of these events.

Beverages and snacks: The Tutor Shop will provide snacks that are USDA approved and supplied through the school’s food program on a daily basis. These snacks are included in every package offered. Parents may pack alternative snacks for their children if they desire, but need to let The Tutor Shop teachers know. In addition, parents need to tell the lead teacher as well as email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  if any dietary restrictions are required. If the child has any food allergies, The Tutor Shop needs to know in advance and it should also be noted on the children’s health form provided by our program on our website that is filled out when applying for initial admission.

Updates: Parents must keep The Tutor Shop informed of any changes in information regarding their children.

Special needs: The Tutor Shop must be informed of any special needs of children that require adaptations or modifications.

For your health: The Tutor Shop staff will administer first aid in the event of an emergency and will call 911 response 
units for any medical emergency. The staff will attempt to phone the emergency contacts listed, but are not required to do so before action is taken. The student’s primary accident insurance and any medical expenses incurred will be the responsibility of the parent’s insurance to cover all costs. The Tutor Shop will not be responsible for any incurred medical costs nor be held liable for any costs or accidents incurred while in the care of The Tutor Shop.

Minimum requirements for program operation: A minimum requirement of a number of students must be reached in order for our program to be maintained at each location. Under certain circumstances, it may be necessary for The Tutor Shop to postpone or cancel its program based on these minimum enrollment requirements.

Conduct: No weapons, controlled substances, or alcohol will be tolerated. The use of violence, noise, force, coercion, sexual misconduct, threats, intimidation,
 unsafe conduct regarding children, fear, resistance, insults, or other conduct, intentionally
 or unintentionally causing disruption or preventing Tutor Shop staff from the ability to conduct class or perform their job duties is not acceptable behavior, and is in conflict with The Tutor Shop Homework Club requirements and may result in cancellation of the agreement between the parent and The Tutor Shop which reserves the right, within its sole discretion, to dismiss any student for any situation that it considers inappropriate or detrimental to the interests and safety of the program and its students.

Consent and Release (please read carefully): In exchange for allowing my child to participate in The Tutor Shop, I hereby agree to release and hold harmless The Tutor Shop, its employees, officers, directors, and volunteers, from any loss, liability, claim of bodily injury or death or property damage, or costs which may arise, including claims arising out of negligence of The Tutor Shop and its employees and volunteers. The use of all school facilities shall be undertaken at the undersigned’s own risk. This agreement shall be governed by the laws of Georgia.

Photograph/Video Release: I authorize the use and reproduction of any and all photographs, printed material, and or video footage of myself and my child for The Tutor Shop promotional purposes without compensation, and should I desire that my child’s image or likeness not be used, I must notify the Tutor Shop administrator with a written or emailed form stating such to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

ACKNOWLEGEMENT OF POLICIES AND GUIDELINES: By signing below, I acknowledge that I have read the above information, and that I understand the policies and guidelines of The Tutor Shop and I agree to abide by them. Should I have any questions or concerns, I will contact the Program Director. I understand that the staff makes every effort to provide a quality program, but additionally it is important that students and parents follow all rules, guidelines and procedures in order for the program to be a successful experience. Please sign and date with your electronic signatures.


If your child is resorting to calling the police to hel her with her homework, she needs to be in our program! 





FOR QUESTIONS ABOUT OUR PROGRAM, CONTACT: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. OR CALL: 404-610-1531

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